Pokemon GO: Thanks to Team GO Rocket, certain Pokemon will appear more often November 7th – 14th


A new event is underway in Pokemon GO. Niantic said in a new blog post that “the movement of the Team GO Rocket Leaders seems to have disrupted Pokémon habitats, and certain Pokémon have apparently become more common! We have yet to understand why these Pokémon in particular are suddenly appearing more frequently. Perhaps they have some special significance wherever Team GO Rocket came from”? Starting today and ending on November 14th, certain Pokemon will appear more frequently. This includes Ekans, Meowth and Koffing. You may also encounter a Shiny Meowth in Raids or in the wild. Niantic also said that “Raids will feature Pokémon that we believe are significant to Team GO Rocket and the Team GO Rocket Boss, Giovanni”.



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