Nintendo Details Its 2022 Graduate Recruitment Procedure


Those dreaming of landing a job at the house of Mario might just be in luck, as Nintendo has kickstarted the process of its 2022 graduate recruitment drive.

The company has opened a new webpage today, noting that pre-entry for April 2022’s graduates will begin in October of this year. Various recruitment events are currently in the works, all in the hope of allowing potential graduates to get a better understanding of Nintendo’s employees and the work on offer at the company (thanks, Japanese Nintendo).

Towards the end of last year, Nintendo revealed that it had been steadily taking on more and more graduates each year, with 2020 set to see yet another small increase. A study published in 2018 also revealed Nintendo to be the sixth most desirable company among aspiring undergrads in Japan.

If you’re genuinely interested in learning more about Nintendo’s graduate scheme, the new webpage urges you to register your email address to receive info on the pre-entry start time and details of each recruitment event.

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