Minecraft Dungeons Won’t Let You Team Up With Random Players Online


Minecraft Dungeons arrives on the Switch and multiple other platforms next month. It’s inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and allows you to fight hordes of nasty mobs by yourself, or team up with three other players online or locally. According to the game’s official FAQ, though, you won’t be able to form a party with a random group of players online.


No. Minecraft Dungeons is designed to be played together with your friends – either on a comfy couch or in a comfy online session.

Your online friends will also have to be playing the game on the same system, as the FAQ further states how cross-platform multiplayer won’t be available at launch. The good news is the developer is “looking forward” to enabling cross-platform play for free, in a future update. Here’s hoping it also considers adding in online matchmaking in an update later down the line.

Will you still be trying out this game on release now that you know all of this? Leave a comment down below.

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