Masahiro Sakurai Celebrates Kirby’s Birthday With An Amusing Smash Bros. Pic


While it’s not exactly a major milestone, Masahiro Sakurai – the creator of Kirby – has decided to celebrate the pink puffball’s 28th birthday on Twitter, by sharing a funny Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshot replacing the heads of Ganondorf and Cloud.

In a follow-up tweet underneath this, Sakurai mentions how it can often be a struggle when adding a new fighter to Smash Bros. because he always has to consider Kirby’s copy ability. Obviously every character in the game provides Kirby with a new ability, new looks, and effects – meaning Kirby is constantly being updated, like no other fighter.

The first Kirby game, Kirby’s Dream Land, was released on the original Game Boy (in Japan) on 27th April 1992 and was eventually followed by a sequel in 1995. The character’s most recent release is Super Kirby Clash on the Switch eShop. Kirby is also regularly voted as the number one character by readers of Nintendo Dream magazine in Japan.

What would you like Kirby’s next adventure to be? Leave a comment down below.

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