It Looks Like Journey To The Savage Planet Might Be Released On Nintendo Switch


Journey to the Savage Planet was a game released on Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at the end of last month. It’s a sci-fi adventure first-person shooter requiring you to explore an uncharted planet to see if it’s fit for human colonization.

If it sounds like your kind of game and happen to own a Switch, then you might be interested to hear multiple listings for a Nintendo release have recently appeared online. According to GoNintendo, online retailer Deep Discount recently listed a physical version of the game for a 30th June release, and now Amazon Japan has followed this up with its own Switch listing, with the same placeholder date.

Take a look below:

If you’re still not convinced, a Switch version of the game was listed on the Brazilian ratings board last October, and not long after an ESRB rating popped up in North America. The developer also said it was still “looking into” a release for Nintendo’s hybrid platform, even though it’s now been acquired by Google to developed games exclusively for the streaming service Google Stadia.

This latest online retailer listing follows on from online retailer and rating boards listings for Catherine: Full Body, XCOM 2 Collection, the Bioshock Collection, and Ancestors Legacy.

Is this a game you would be interested in playing on your Switch? Comment below.

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