IGN hints Pikmin 3 could be coming to Nintendo Switch


IGN’s Nintendo Podcast, which is titled Nintendo Voice Chat, may have revealed one of the two Wii U ports which Emily Rogers said were arriving on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Judging from what was said by Peer Schneider, who is the co-founder of IGN, it sounds like Pikmin 3 will be one of the titles. Pikmin 3 on the Nintendo Switch would be an excellent addition to an already stellar library of games.

At 1:01:07 in the video, Peer Schneider (co-founder of IGN) talks about the two mystery Wii U games coming to switch in 2020. He says, “One of them is a 9/10 for me and the other is a 6/10” implying he has knowledge of these ports. He later says he can’t say much more but that he, “loves what Nintendo does with real time strategy games.”

IGN via Reddit


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