Fans Aren’t Happy With The State Of Minecraft On Switch, But Mojang Is Rolling Out A Hotfix

Minecraft Switch

Last week, Minecraft was updated to version 1.16.20, introducing some new features, crafting interface changes, and the monstrous Piglin Brutes, stronger versions of the Piglins fans already know and love. It should have been a welcome set of changes, but Switch players have been coming up against a number of stability issues since updating their game.

“My friends and I have all just updated to the newest version of Minecraft on Switch and every one of us are having an issue where our games will freeze before we’ve even loaded into a world,” reads a complaint on developer Mojang’s dedicated bug reporting forum. “When we try to exit out of the game and shut it down our Nintendo Switches will freeze entirely.”

It’s a similar story across the web. A Nintendo Life reader got in touch with us to say that the game has been “unplayable for over a week”, and players have been complaining about freezing and glitches on social media.

Thankfully, help does seem to be at hand. Mojang has started to roll out a new hotfix, specifically for the Switch version. It takes the game to version 1.16.21 and is said to “address stability issues introduced since the launch of [the last update].”

Feedback from players who have installed this newer update seems to be rather mixed at the moment, with some saying that it hasn’t helped, and others saying that their experience has improved. Hopefully, with this update and continued player feedback, Switch owners will soon be able to enjoy the game running just as smoothly as it does elsewhere.

Have you been having any issues playing Minecraft on your Switch? Has the 1.16.21 update worked for you? Let us and other players know by leaving a comment below.

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