Digital Foundry looks at Burnout Paradise Remastered on Nintendo Switch



We recently reported on how Burnout Paradise Remastered on Nintendo Switch looked compared to the original PS3 version, but now the folk at Digital Foundry have uploaded their tech analysis. It gives us a more in-depth insight into how it runs on Switch and, thanks to Nintendo Everything, you can check out some of the main highlights from the video below:

  • Switch sits between the PS3/360 original and PS4/Xbox One update
  • 900p native resolution when docked, though with some variations in quality across the image
  • 720p in portable mode
  • Changes were made to the game’s decompression algorithm to get it properly running on Switch
  • Similar geometry and draw distances to the PS4 version
  • Texture work scaled back on Switch, so lower quality than PS4/Xbox One, but better than PS3/360
  • Shadow quality running at a lower preset on Switch
  • Ambient occlusion less effective/absent on Switch
  • Mostly runs at 60 frames per second

You can view the full technical analysis by clicking here to watch the video on YouTube.

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