Check Out Liberated, The Playable Dystopian Comic Book, In This Launch Trailer


Liberated is a brand new game for Switch, a graphic novel in playable form that blends a branching dystopian comic book narrative with side-scrolling, stealthy action-adventure gameplay. It’s out tomorrow and we can now reveal a brand new launch trailer released by the developer – check it out above.

The game was announced for Switch during last December’s Indie World Showcase and features eye-catching hand-drawn art that underlines the shades of grey in the narrative. It’s a story which involves surveillance, misinformation, fake news, technology and the weaponisation of personal data – all modern issues ripe for exploration.

We spoke to developer Atomic Wolf back in January about the challenges of creating a truly interactive, playable comic book, and the developers have done an excellent job of making good on their concept.

If you like the look of the trailer above, check out our review of the game and let us know below if you’ll be picking up this rather unique addition to the Switch’s bulging software library.

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