‘A Merry Hyrule Christmas’ Album Blends Zelda Classics With Beloved Festive Carols

A Merry Hyrule Christmas

The festive soundtrack you never knew you needed has arrived in the form of A Merry Hyrule Christmas, a Zelda tribute album that blends some of the series’ classic tunes with Christmas carols.

Produced by Eric Buchholz, who was also responsible for the hour-long arrangement album Hero of Time, this new record features grandiose orchestral performances combined with more contemporary rock stylings.

It’s available right now across all your favourite music storefronts. Check out the tracklist and have a listen for yourself below:

“A Merry Hyrule Christmas is the first album to combine music from The Legend of Zelda franchise with classic holiday tunes of various genres,” says producer Eric Buchholz. “We have Zelda music with a Christmas twist, as well as Christmas music with a Zelda twist!

“My goal was to create an album of videogame music that could blend in seamlessly with classic holiday tunes. I love the idea of folks being able to ‘trick’ their parents, grandparents, and family into listening to videogame music—without them realizing it!”

If you’re fed up of all the usual Christmas songs, why not put this on over the holidays and see if anyone else in your family questions it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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