You Can Play the Original PS1 MediEvil in the Remake, Here’s How to Find It


The PlayStation 4 is a powerhouse console that’s offered players the likes of fresh new experiences like Death Stranding, rebooted sequels of old favorites like God of War, and high-quality remakes of classic games like MediEvil. Other Ocean did a fantastic job recreating the 20-year old game from the ground up, dusting off the old bones of Sir Daniel Fortesque as the hero of Gallowmere gets a second chance to prove his, well, heroism. But if you want to compare how your memories and nostalgia compare against the game of yesteryear, there’s a hidden Easter egg that will allow you to play a port of the original PS1 MediEvil within the remake.

To unlock this option, you’ll need to find all of MediEvil PS4’s Lost Souls and complete their tasks which will unlock an option called “Old Game” on the main menu. Selecting this option will launch you into a port of the classic PS1 MediEvil, 20-year-old visuals and all. The Lost Souls don’t populate the world until you free them from a chest near the end of the game, opening up this big side-quest that will see you reexploring much of the realm in search of those with unfinished business.

All MediEvil PS4 Lost Souls and Tasks

None of the Lost Souls are too difficult to find, and their tasks are all fairly easy to complete too. Pay attention to what each one says when you find them. That will guide you to the proper location. Once there, open your inventory and select the Lost Soul to activate the challenge. Make sure you complete the level after finishing the challenge so that it saves as completed. If you simply exit the level you will have to redo the challenge.

If you want to know exactly where to find each one and what to do, check out this MediEvil Lost Souls Locations video guide from PowerPyx.

Completing this will get you two silver PS4 trophies; Lost and Found for finding all the Lost Souls, and Soul Savior for completing all of their tasks. Once these are done, the “Old Game” option should appear for you on the main menu, allowing you to reapply some dust to those old bones and dive into the original PS1 classic.

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