Yes, PlayStation 5’s DualSense Controller Does Feature a Headphone Jack


Seemingly out of the blue, Sony shared a first look at the PlayStation 5’s controller, DualSense. In addition to photos of the new device, the company posted a deep dive into the controller’s tech on the PlayStation Blog. However, one small detail did noticeably go without mention–a headphone jack. Fans need now worry, though. The DualSense will indeed come with a built-in headphone jack, per a Sony employee.

PlayStation Product Manager Toshimasa Aoki confirmed as much in response to fan questions on Twitter. When asked about the headphone jack’s apparent absence from photos, Aoki replied,

There you have it. As noted above, the question arose since the PS Blog’s post simply did not make mention of it. Additionally, the few pictures shown seemed to lack confirmation of the audio jack, as well. At least fans and future customers can rest easy on this particular front now.

The DualSense will come jam packed with features, including a built-in microphone that removes the need for headsets. Haptic feedback serves as one of the more impressive new additions, as it allows developers to better relay sensory information to players. For example, players will actually be able to feel the difference between a car’s driving through mud or on a smooth road. The DualShock 4’s ‘Share’ button is taking a hike, but ‘Create’ has taken its place. Sony has yet to provide details on how the controller’s share features function this time around.

More details about DualSense and the actual console reveal are coming in the months ahead. According to SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan, PlayStation 5 remains on track for a holiday 2020 release date.

[Source: Toshimasa Aoki on Twitter via Push Square]

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