Which Inside Xbox Next-Gen Reveal Games are Coming to PS5?


Today’s Inside Xbox gave us a quick look at a few third-party next-gen games, and while we know that every one of them is at least coming to the Xbox Series X, it left some question as to which games might make the multiplatform jump over to the PS5. With Sony having yet to officially unveil the PS5 in a big way, third-party marketing efforts remain a bit stunted. It’s not clear exactly what permissions third-party studios need to get in order to announce games for PS5 versus which ones are staying silent until Sony actually gives us a better look at the next PlayStation.

Everything shown on the May 7th, 2020 Inside Xbox live stream was third-party and Microsoft didn’t tout any of them as “Xbox console exclusive,” so just which of the Inside Xbox next-gen reveal games are coming to PS5? Here’s everything that was announced on today’s show and what we know about each one’s chances of making its way to PlayStation.

All Inside Xbox Next-Gen Reveal Games

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory Infinite

Coming to PS5? Not confirmed, but likely

Cross-Gen? Yes

A stunning game being made by a one-man development team (plus some outsourcing), Bright Memory Infinite was confirmed for current gen a couple of months ago. While there’s no mention of a PS5 release anywhere, it would be odd to see the game come to both PS4 and Xbox One this gen but only the Series X next gen. Expect a PS5 confirmation sometime after Sony fully unveils the PS5.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 dirt 5

DiRT 5

Coming to PS5? Yes

Cross-Gen? Yes

Codemasters’ next racing game is DiRT 5, and it’s coming to just about every platform imaginable, including Stadia sometime next year. So yes, while next-gen headlines this game’s release, it will also be available for current-gen platforms as well.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 scorn


Coming to PS5? No

Cross-Gen? No

Sorry PlayStation fans, Scorn is a third-party Xbox console exclusive, only coming to the Xbox Series X and PC (via Steam, Windows Store, and GOG). This was confirmed via the developer on the game’s Steam listing. It’s also not coming to this generation’s Xbox One, so while a lot of games will be cross-gen, Scorn is one of the few next-gen-only Xbox Series X releases.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 Chorus


Coming to PS5? Yes

Cross-Gen? Yes

Chorus is definitely coming to the PS5, as well as the PS4. Both logos feature prominently on the game’s official website and in the press release that was sent out. The sci-fi space game will also come to both generations of Xbox, PC, as well as a Stadia release.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21

Coming to PS5? Yes

Cross-Gen? Yes

It’s an EA sports game, of course it’s coming to PS5 and of course it’s going to be cross-gen. These things sell like hotcakes and EA isn’t going to want to leave any potential revenue off the table.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 vampire the Masquerade bloodlines 2

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Coming to PS5? Unconfirmed, but likely

Cross-Gen? Yes

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 was already announced as a PS4, Xbox One, and PC game. With its confirmation as an Xbox Series X title, we’ll more than likely also see an equivalent release for Paradox Interactive’s World of Darkness title on the PS5 around the same time, though the studio has yet to officially confirm it.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea

Coming to PS5? Unconfirmed, may be Xbox Console Exclusive

Cross-Gen? Yes

Call of the Sea is an enchanting first-person adventure fully voiced by the talented Cissy Jones. We know for certain it’s coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, but as the website and social media channels for the game make no mention of PS4 or PS5, it’s possible the game could be skipping PlayStation entirely, or at least be a timed-exclusive for now. I’d count this one out for the time being.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 The Ascent

The Ascent

Coming to PS5? No

Cross-Gen? No

Because one can’t have too many cyberpunk games set in machine-laden dystopian futures, The Ascent is a top-down isometric shmup. Unfortunately PlayStation players and those not upgrading from the Xbox One are going to be left behind. According to a tweet from Xbox, The Ascent is an Xbox Series X exclusive.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 The medium

The Medium

Coming to PS5? Unconfirmed, may be timed Xbox exclusive

Cross-Gen? No

Bloober Team already has a history of timed Xbox exclusivity with Blair Witch,  a game that eventually came to PS4 too. Right now, The Medium is only announced for PC and Xbox Series X, but that doesn’t completely rule out a PS5 release at some point. The Silent Hill composer is even working on the game, so this is a huge get for Microsoft.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

Coming to PS5? No, not at this point

Cross-Gen? Yes

Scarlet Nexus is a Bandai Namco game that goes full anime, and right now it’s only announced as coming to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like PlayStation players will get to play it, unless a PlayStation confirmation is coming at a later date.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 second extinction

Second Extinction

Coming to PS5? No, not at this point

Cross-Gen? Yes

Some say it looks like Destiny with dinosaurs. Some say it’s Turok meets Left 4 Dead. No matter how you describe it, Second Extinction brings back dinosaurs in a big way, with visceral combat that sees the rampaging creatures torn to gory bits as you mow them down with your squad. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s headed to PlayStation yet. The website only shows Xbox One and Steam logos, and obviously it will also come to Series X, but no mention of PlayStation, PS5 or otherwise.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 yakuza like a dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Coming to PS5? Unconfirmed, but likely

Cross-Gen? Yes

Yakuza 7, better known as Yakuza: Like a Dragon, was already announced for current-gen consoles (in fact, it’s already out in Japan), but now we know it’s getting a day and date release on Xbox Series X when it launches too. Don’t expect this one to miss the PS5, especially given the series’ history with the PlayStation platform.

Inside Xbox next-gen reveal PS5 assassins creed valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Coming to PS5? Yes

Cross-Gen? Yes

The final title we got to see was the promised (and rather anti-climactic) “gameplay” trailer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This one is definitely coming to PS5, and maybe Sony’s showcase will give us an actual look at gameplay instead of a fancy in-engine trailer that failed to show what the player will actually be doing.

With Microsoft’s next event not happening until June (a “special” event of some kind that will not take the form of a traditional Inside Xbox) and the first-party showcase being in July, the ball is now in Sony’s court to reveal the PS5 and begin talking about its own next-gen plans. The most recent reports put the PS5 reveal date on June 4th, but that’s unconfirmed by Sony and leaves us patiently (or not-so-patiently) waiting until Sony finally decides to fully lift the curtain on its next-gen platform.

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