Welcome to the spooktastic community collaboration All Hallows’ Dreams


Throughout September, the Dreams Community were hard at work creating spooky rooms and jack-o-lanterns for our latest collaborative event #AllHallowsDreams. Today, we’re super excited to announce that you’ll get to see all their hard work when the gates creak open on October 15, 2020 for all Dreams players. Just like DreamsCom, All Hallows Dreams will also be playable for those with the Trial version of Dreams, too!

There really isn’t too long to wait until you get to jump into Dreams and experience the amazing (and super spooky!) creations our community have cooked up. If you missed our announcement of #AllHallowsDreams, you can catch up with all the details here, or read on and find out what to expect come October 15! 

The Haunted House


The main attraction of #AllHallowsDreams is our community-built haunted houses. Each room has been designed by a member of the Dreams Community, with an incredible variety of styles and interpretations of what Halloween means to them. And, yep, there’s plenty of frights to be had! 

You’ll be able to explore the haunted houses at your own pace, too. After DreamsCom, we focused on making sure there’s a way for players to move at their own pace and in keeping with the haunted house theme, a creaky elevator seemed like the best bet! You’ll be able to select which floor you want to visit in any order, so if you want to revisit a favourite, it’s only a few button clicks away!

Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without fancy dress. When you jump in to All Hallows’ Dreams, you’ll be able to choose between several different outfit options for your character. We can’t wait to see which outfits you choose, so please do make sure to share a shot with us on social media! 

The Pumpkin Patch


Moving on! Our pumpkin patch was another creative challenge we set our Dreams Community. We asked creators to carve out their own jack-o-lantern using a template, and the results have been amazing. 

Alongside the haunted houses (homes?), our pumpkin patch is fully explorable for everyone and will be filled with all of the jack-o-lanterns created in September, ranging from spooky to cute to silly and back again! We’ve also given creators the option to leave their pumpkin labelled with their PSN ID, so you can look out for them in the Dreamiverse if they’ve created your favourite. 

But wait, there’s more! 

Another excellent part of Halloween is the treats, right? Well, we have a nice treat in store for All Hallows’ Dreams – new Imps! 


These lovely new Imps will be making their way to all Dreams players at the same time as All Hallows’ Dreams begins (October 15), and will be ready and waiting to be used for your characters in the haunted houses! We love them all, but we want to know which is your favourite – so make sure to let us know on social! The new Imps will be available for all players to keep, but you can only receive them if you log in to play Dreams between October 15 – October 31. If you don’t, you’ll miss the opportunity to get your hands on them.

Today, we’ve also kicked off our annual in-game Halloween Community Jam for everyone to get involved in. Last year’s Halloween jam gave us some truly amazing creations such as Happy Jack, A Ghost’s Halloween, Witchy Woods and so much more. So if you have an idea for a Halloween creation, or were inspired by your entry in to All Hallows’ Dreams, make sure to get involved!

We are so excited about All Hallows’ Dreams, and we’re so grateful to all the amazing creators who have been involved in helping us build this spooky adventure. We can’t wait to see everyone jump in on October 15! Be sure to share your experiences on social media by using the hashtags #DreamsPS4 and #AllHallowsDreams! 

Happy Halloween!

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