Uppers PlayStation 4 Version Cancelled for Europe and North America


Two years after its announcement, the PlayStation 4 version of Uppers for Europe and North America has been cancelled.

A representative of XSEED Games confirmed this news to Gematsu following the announcement of Uppers‘ PC release in the West. The third-person brawler first launched for the PS Vita in July 2016 in Japan. XSEED didn’t provide a reason for the cancellation.

Disappointing news, but you can always play Uppers on the handheld, if you still have it. An overview is as follows:

Last Resort Island is a city consumed by desire—for those that live on the island, the greatest amusement is violence. A single person’s strength alone can build great fortune, and earn the admiration of the populace.

With strength, motivation and fire in their eyes, two young men, Ranma and Michiru, arrive at Last Resort Island to begin their quest, their sights aimed for the top—but they aren’t the only ones on Last Resort Island with lofty ambitions.

Uppers tells the story of two men and their journey to the top, using 12 varied fighters and eight support characters – discover their drive, their heartbreaking backgrounds, and fight to be crowned the strongest in Last Resort Island!

Uppers comes with a varied roster, action-packed combat, and “crazy” environmental interactions that allow players to throw cars, bicycles, and motorbikes, slam-dunk enemies into a manhole, and uppercut them into a passing helicopter.

Were any of our readers looking forward to playing Uppers on the PS4? Let us know if you tried it on the Vita.

[Source: Gematsu]

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