Ubisoft Is Making a Movie About Senior Citizens Playing Esports


Ubisoft has teamed up with the duo behind 2018’s comedy, I Feel Pretty, to make a movie about senior citizens in esports, according to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter.

Ubisoft Film & Television will be working with Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein on the untitled movie that’s inspired by a 2019 article ‘The Next Generation of Competitive Gamers Is…Over 60?‘ published in The Wall Street Journal. According to Deadline, Ubisoft has already acquired rights to the article, which was penned by journalist Laura Parker.

Ubisoft Film & Television’s senior VP, Jason Altman, and director of film development, Margaret Boykin, will be serving as producers.

The WSJ article profiles a real-life senior citizens CS:GO team, The Silver Snipers (pictured above). The article is behind a pay wall but you can find plenty of interesting reading material about The Silver Snipers online. The group, which is sponsored by Lenovo, comprises of males and females with an average age of 67.

“My relationship with my kids and grandchildren has only been better since I started playing – we have found a common interest and that is fantastic!” Silver Snipers’ Inger “Trigger Finger” Grotteblad said last year. “I have found out that youngsters are getting a lot of skills out of gaming. They learn how to cooperate, how to make decisions rapidly, they need to be strategic, they learn programming, and many of them are entering the computer industry as programmers when they grow older.”

As for the movie, there’s no release window at present but the concept has certainly piqued my interest!

[Source: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, Lenovo]

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