Ubisoft Brings Back Prince of Persia, But Only for a Limited-Time For Honor Event


Prince of Persia is back, thoughperhaps not in the way fans have been wanting. Today Ubisoft rolled out a new, limited-time For Honor event, Blades of Persia. The event will feature two chapters. Chapter 1, Ruler of Time, kicks off today. When Ruler of Time ends next week on March 19th, the second chapter will go live. Blades of Persia introduces a new game mode, alongside a stylized menu and cosmetic loot to match its theme. The event comes to a halt in a few weeks’ time on April 2nd.

Check out the crossover’s official trailer below:

In the Ruler of Time mode, For Honor players arrive on a revamped version of the Harbor Map. While there, they take part in a Dominion match overrun with sand creatures. Every so often, Prince of Persia’s titular hero will appear from a tornado of sand to hunt and attack players, all while wielding powers granted to him by the Dagger of Time. Every player on the map is subject to the Prince’s attacks, no matter what side they play on.

Once the event’s first week comes to an end, the Ruler of Time mode will undergo change. Players should expect to see the Harbor Map evolve once more, as well. Very little is known about Chapter 2 at present; however, Ubisoft is teasing that the Prince will transform into the Dark Prince. More information will surface as Chapter 2’s March 19th release draws near.

Blades of Persia additionally adds 26 new weapons, all of which players can loot during battle. These items will be available until the event ends on April 2nd. A free Event Pass is currently live, too, allowing players to obtain a total of 30 tiers of loot and gear, such as a Sand Mood effect, new battle attire, ornaments, and an emblem outline. Two new “illustrious outfits,” Ratash and Sandwraith, are also available to purchase from For Honor’s in-game store. Players can buy the Prince’s and Dark Prince’s combat execution, as well.

This particular crossover counts as one of a few Ubisoft has produced in recent years. In 2018, Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher appeared in a Ghost Recon: Wildlands mission. That same year also saw Rainbow Six’s elite squad join Wildlands‘ Operation Archangel.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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