The Wonderful 101: Remastered Demo Arrives on PS4, Introduces Wonder-Bayonetta


The Wonderful 101: Remastered‘s new PlayStation 4 Wonder-Size Cadet demo is your chance to try  before you buy. PlatinumGames is letting players sample the prologue and all three parts of Operation 001, totaling about two hours of gameplay.

Based on the titular witch from the Bayonetta franchise, hidden character Wonder-Bayonetta is also unlocked as “a gesture of appreciation for our fans”. The character is usually quite difficult to unlock in the full version of the game. The Bottlecap Collection must be completed before players can recruit her to their team. This means all 101 in-game achievements have to be unlocked, but this is skipped in the demo seeing as players can’t access most of them.

To help struggling players, there is bonus in-game currency and support items at their disposal too. The latest game trailer shows exactly what to expect from the demo.

[embedded content]

If players enjoy the demo and choose to purchase the full game, their save file will be transferred over so they can pick up from where they left off. This will come with the added benefits of the version 1.03 update, which adds the new “Wonderful Code” feature. Amongst other things, this makes Wonder-Bayonetta far easier to unlock. Entering the Vol. 1 code “UMBRANGIFT” unlocks the character and all of the demo’s support items in the full version of the game.

This isn’t the only code PlatinumGames has released. A second Vol. 2 code, “ANGELSLAYERS”, will automatically unlock the Wonder-Jeanne and Wonder-Rodin team members too.  The developer has said to keep your eyes open for those more codes to be released in the future. At least another five codes covering Vol. 3 to Vol. 7 are listed as coming soon, so make sure to stay tuned to their social media channels.

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Wonder-Size Cadet Demo is available for download right now on PlayStation 4.

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