The Only Surviving Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Has Been Sold for $360,000


Heritage Auctions has announced that the rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype – previously owned by a father and son duo – has finally sold for $360,000.

There were 57 bids in total for the last surviving console of its kind. What happened to the other 199 prototypes remains a mystery. The winning bidder has chosen not to be identified at this time, which is interesting because as of February 15th, Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey was the highest bidder. Luckey himself revealed this information on Twitter and seemed perplexed that someone other than him was willing to fork out more than $300,000 for the console.

“Who are the other nutters who keep bidding against me?” Luckey tweeted back in February. “The Nintendo PlayStation is very, very cool, but I can only think of a handful of other people who think it is $300k worth of cool.”

There was no update from Luckey following the auction coming to a close, which had everyone wondering if he ended up losing the bid. Several followers quizzed him on Twitter and although he responded, Luckey didn’t actually answer the question of whether he won the bid or not.

“Do you imagine there are rich people out there who are better than me at preserving video game technology?” Luckey wrote back to a user yesterday who said that he hopes someone else won the bid. When an Ars Technica writer directly asked the question, Luckey responded by criticizing the publication for spreading “totally fabricated and defamatory lies” about him.

Time will tell where the prototype ended up.

[Source: Heritage Auctions]

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