The Last of Us Part II Goes Gold More Than a Month Ahead of Its Release


With a little over a month to go before its release, The Last of Us Part II has gone gold. As always, this means the game is ready to be printed on discs and shipped to stores the world over, as well as submitted to Sony’s servers so it can be downloaded from the PSN. This is now “version 1.0” of The Last of Us Part II. Unless further unforeseen circumstances arise, the long-awaited sequel is unlikely to suffer another delay.

Creative Director Neil Druckmann announced the news on Instagram. In a video message spanning three clips, Druckmann shared his pride in both the game and the team at Naughty Dog. When fans finally get their hands on the follow-up, he noted, they should spot the incredible amount of love that went into the project. This will manifest in the abundance of small details, graphical fidelity, and Part II’s overall scope.

See Druckmann’s Instagram post via the official Naughty Dog  page below:

The Creative Director ended the celebratory video by thanking fans for their ongoing support throughout the last several years. He also reiterated that regardless of what audiences may have seen, heard, or read, “nothing compares to playing this thing from beginning to end. It’s a video game, you’ve gotta play it.”

Druckmann’s latter message to fans references a host of spoilers that leaked online just over a week ago. Though early rumors attributed the leak to a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee, Sony has since confirmed that individuals unassociated with either SIE or Naughty Dog were actually responsible.

Players can begin journeying through The Last of Us Part II next month on June 19th.

[Source: Neil Druckmann on Instagram]

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