The Last of Us II Yara Voice Actress Says She Worked on a Secret Project With Nolan North


The voice actress behind The Last of Us Part II‘s Yara, Victoria Grace, revealed in a tweet yesterday that she worked on a secret project with Nolan North.

Grace shared a photo of herself and North but didn’t add anything else so we don’t even have a hint about what she’s referring to. Regardless, check out the tweet below (thanks, ResetEra).

In the absence of any context, fans are letting their imaginations run wild. What makes it harder to guess what Grace was talking about is the fact that North’s list of video game projects is a mile long.

Some folks have theorized that Naughty Dog could be working on Uncharted 5 but Grace’s tweet is in past tense so it seems to be a project that’s already wrapped up. Others believe that the duo might have been working on the next Saints Row (North has been involved in the series). Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz confirmed to Games Industry last November that a Saints Row game is not only in production but that the company will have news to share in 2020.

If Grace isn’t talking about a video game, then she might be referring to a collaboration with North on a video for RETRO PLAY – a YouTube Let’s Play channel run by North and Troy Baker.

We’ll find out in due course what Grace and North are up to. In the meantime, let us know what you think they worked on.

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