The Division 2’s User Inventory and Interface Getting Major Updates With Episode 2/Title Update 6


Ubisoft has announced that it’ll be introducing major updates to The Division 2‘s user inventory and interface with Episode 2/Title Update 6. The developer plans to add more loadout options, improve gear management, and introduce new ways to navigate inventories.

Here’s an overview of what’s coming:

  • More loadouts: We are excited to announce more loadouts coming with Episode 2, for a total of 12. Each loadout perk upgrade will give you 3 new slots. Specializations and grenades are now tied to loadouts too, making build swapping more convenient overall.
  • Dye and skins menu: Located in the apparel inventory, the Dye and Skins Menu lists all owned weapon skins and gear dyes for easy applications. Choose the desired gear dye or weapon skin to apply to all pieces of gear or equipped weapons straight from the menu.
  • Base damage exposition: Episode 2 is bringing more information to the interface regarding weapon damage, specifically Base Damage. Going forward, all weapons will display their rolled damage and how this value compares to the base damage of the weapon.
  • Mod inventory redesign: We have received a ton of feedback regarding the mod inventory, and we redesigned the interface for more efficient navigation. When opening the Mod Inventory in Episode 2, you will see your mods divided into three categories: Offensive, Defensive, and Utility. There will be a fourth category— Generic—if you still have any old mods left in your inventory. On top of this, there’s a toggleable grid view option for listing these mods in your inventories.
  • Named item visuals: Yes, named items are coming to The Division 2, and we want to ensure you recognize these items and talents in your inventories. Going forward, all named items and talents will be marked with a chevron (“v” shaped) watermark and written in high-end text color.
  • “Mark As” options: We introduced new options to the Item Flags inventory system: Mark For Donation and Mark For Recalibration. The first marks items for Project donations while the latter marks them for recalibration fodder. With these new options, you can more easily mark items to suit your needs. Mark As Favorite is still available as well.
  • Player overview panel: The Player Overview Panel now gives more information up-front in one consolidated space. Equipped weapon damage and rpm are listed here, in addition to skill power for each equipped skill. When browsing through the inventory, comparison values are shown as well.
  • Stats page breakdowns: A detailed Breakdown page is available in Episode 2 for every attribute, statistic, and talent on the Player Statistics Sheet. On this page, anything contributing to the highlighted statistic is listed directly.
  • All gear slot: Located where you previously found contaminated items, a new Gear Slot lists all gear pieces in one place to help with managing all your loot.
  • Options menu: The Inventory Options Menu has been redesigned to a grid menu, making navigation more efficient.
  • Item filtering and sorting: We know there is a loot of loot in The Division 2, and we want to make this loot easier to find in your inventories. As a result, we are adding a filter within all inventory categories to help you search for the gear you need.
  • Equipped state: Equipped weapons and gear are more defined in your inventories
  • Colored attribute icons and comparison arrows on selected highlight: New visuals for color attributes as well as arrows for comparisons on highlighted equipment
  • Current sorting and filter exposed: Both the current sorting order and active filter will be shown at the bottom of inventory lists
  • Skill power clarification for skill equipping: Skill power values will be clarified upon skill equip
  • Mod slots on item tiles: More defined visuals for mod slots on item tiles
  • Camera zoom on category selection: The ability to zoom on weapons and gear
  • Unique talent visuals: Indicates the application of a unique, non-stacking talent

We’ll update our readers when the patch goes live. For more on The Division 2, check out our hub.

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