Terminator: Resistance Delayed Until December 10th in America


Early this year, PlayStation fans got excited for the chance to step into the world of Terminator. Now, you’re going to have to wait a little longer, at least for console players in America. Terminator: Resistance, which was set to release on consoles November 15th, 2019 worldwide, is now only releasing in Europe and Australia on those dates. In America, the console version of the game has been delayed until December 10th, although the PC version will still be coming out on November 15th as well. There was no particular reason given for the delay, or why the delay is only the console version in America and not the rest of the world.

At least there’s something to tide you over, besides going to see Terminator: Dark Fate in theaters or playing as a Terminator in Mortal Kombat 11. Both a new trailer and a ten-minute gameplay video were released today. The trailer focuses on combat, which many of the trailers haven’t show much of. You get to see some of the laser weapons that make up the resistance ranks and a few pre-Judgement Day weapons are used as well. There’s always something satisfying about getting to take down drones with a pump-action shotgun after all. If you want to see the trailer you can do so here:

The opening shows the first 10 minutes of Terminator: Resistance, starting with your character escaping being terminated thanks to the help of a mysterious ally. After this, he spends time running away from lasers while other members of the resistance are gunned down near him. We get a chance to see some gunplay, crafting mechanics, dialogue choices that claim they’ll matter, and plenty of Terminator violence. It’s an exciting look at the game that perhaps makes the delay for American console players just a little bit harder to bear.

[source: Gematsu]

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