Telltale’s Profile Makeover on Facebook Sparks Speculation About Batman Season 3


Prepare for another round of Batman-related game speculation. This time, however, it has nothing to do with Rocksteady nor WB Games Montréal’s long-rumored project. Thanks to an updated profile design on Facebook, Telltale Games rests at the forefront of the latest on the Dark Knight. Yesterday, the studio switched its Facebook cover image to one from Batman: The Enemy Within, Telltale’s second season starring the Dark Knight with a heavy focus on the Joker character. Specifically, the image in question is of Batman and Vigilante Joker from one of Season 2’s endings depending on players’ decisions. Some fans are naturally starting to wonder if this might be a Season 3 tease.

Geeks WorldWide writer Emre Kaya spotted Telltale Games’ Facebook makeover, then shared the following screenshot on Twitter:

Kaya’s screenshot shows Telltale’s Facebook post about the change. The image below is a screenshot of the new cover as it appears on the studio’s account as of writing:

telltale batman season 3

Realistically, such a change may mean nothing. After all, holdings company LCG Entertainment did get the rights to Batman when it purchased and reformed Telltale Games last year. Maybe the team just wants its public image to better reflect more of its catalog? As of now, little is known about the new Telltale’s current works-in-progress, apart from its completely restarting work on The Wolf Among Us Season 2.

If Telltale’s Batman series does receive a third season, it’ll be interesting to see where the story goes, especially where John Doe/Joker is concerned. The easiest way for newcomers to experience the first two seasons in full is through The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition. It hit Xbox One late in 2019, then arrived on PSN earlier this year. This special edition of the Telltale series features both seasons, as well as a Shadows Mode that gives the game a film noir-inspired look. Fans who already own at least one episode from the series can purchase Shadows Mode separately for $4.99.

[Source: Telltale Games on Facebook via Emre Kaya on Twitter]

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