Survive the Cold Sun in Warface: Breakout’s new season


Temperatures are plummeting, but the battle is just heating up in Cold Sun, the third season of Warface: Breakout. Between a brand-new map, exclusive rewards, new features and Christmas events on the way, find out what awaits in the upcoming free update.

New Map: Outskirts

While most of your battles have been on war-torn, futuristic city streets, Outskirts is based away from the metropolis and close to a large, snowy mountain. Push your tactical prowess to the limits as you fight other players and the elements in this wintry village… and don’t freeze!

Cold Sun Seasonal Rewards

For a limited time only, fight your way through Cold Sun to earn exclusive rewards, including new cosmetics. Customize your weapons and style by unlocking new armor, weapon skins, avatars, challenge cards, victory poses, and bomb skins. 

You can also add another element to your personal style with weapon trinkets, a newly added cosmetic option that you can attach to your weapons. 

Improvements and New Features

Get a better look at the battlefield with the reimagined weapon scope system, giving you a look at the action outside of the scope for better awareness of your surroundings. 

The Training Room is arriving later this season, allowing you to try out new and different weapons on targets, and test your reaction times with an obstacle course. 

Holiday Cheer and Team Deathmatch Mode

Santa’s bringing even more gifts to Warface: Breakout. Drop in and fight over the Christmas period to earn limited-time rewards, including festive skins. The holiday spirit is out in force on Outskirts, where the halls will be thoroughly decked with lovely festive decorations. 

Christmas is traditionally a time of love and togetherness. That said, if you need to let off a little steam, you can look forward to duking it out in the all-new Team Deathmatch mode.

Warface: Breakout is available at PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5, with the Cold Sun seasonal update available starting December 22 as a free download for new and existing players. The Cold Sun Cosmetic Pack includes the Freestyler (Reapers) and Icecap (Wardens) legendary character skins and three exclusive weapon skins, and is also available to buy now.

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