Survival Horror Game Monstrum Will Finally Haunt Consoles in May


In June of 2018, publisher Soedesco and developer Team Junkfish announced plans to launch survival horror title Monstrum on consoles. At the time, the game was said to be “coming soon.” While that obviously never came to fruition, the companies will soon follow through on their promise. Monstrum hits the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One platforms in a few short weeks on May 22nd. However, its physical release is being delayed due to coronavirus. As of writing, neither of the companies have announced a new launch date for the boxed copies.

For a glimpse at the kind of horror on display in Monstrum, check out its release date trailer in the video below:

Monstrum originally launched on PC via Steam in 2015. The game takes place on an abandoned cargo ship, upon which the player character awakens with no recollection of how they got there. Players quickly learn they aren’t alone on the ship, either. A terrifying predator haunts the vessel, stopping at nothing to catch the player, its prey.

While running from horrific the beast, players must scavenge for tools, clues, and resources, all in an effort to make it off the ship in one piece. Worse still, the beast can’t be directly attacked. As such, players need to rely on distraction tactics, hiding, or other schemes that only work to slow it down. Monstrum’s permadeath state especially compounds this level of tension. That’s right, permadeath–no save points. If death befalls the protagonist, players must start over from the beginning.

This isn’t a typical survival horror adventure, though. The cargo ship in Monstrum is procedurally generated, ensuring players are constantly lost amid the ship’s labyrinthian design. Rooms, pathways, and items are changed every time a new game is booted up. And, yes, the procedurally generated nature of the game also randomizes the monster.

[Source: Soedesco via Gematsu]

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