Sony Survey Gauges Interest in PS4 Remote Play on Switch and a Portable DualShock


Apparently, a new survey from Sony is making the rounds. It’s a lengthy one that asks participants questions primarily concerning Remote Play. While the survey may not prove indicative of the company’s future plans, it’s gauging fan interest on quite a few interesting topics. Most notably, the survey makes mention of Remote Play on Nintendo Switch, a “slim/portable” DualShock controller, and offline support.

Reddit user YouRedditHereFirst said they recently participated in the survey, where the bulk of questions centered on Remote Play. According to the Redditor, the following encapsulates the survey’s more intriguing points:

  • Using Remote Play with a PS4 not connected to the Internet
  • Playing Remote Play on a Switch, AppleTV, AndroidTV
  • Hiding unused controls for the game to allow for more screen real estate
  • A slim/portable DualShock controller for portable gaming
  • Exclusive maps/accessories for Remote Play
  • Customizable button layout
  • Connecting other controllers (Xbox) and mouse/keyboard
  • Offline Remote Play
  • PS1 and PS2 games
  • Parental controls to allow for multiple users to use Remote Play at the same time.

Screenshots from the survey were also shared on the Reddit post. Evidently, Sony is interested in how “appealing” audiences find the proposed features listed above. Other interesting questions related to Remote Play include privacy settings customization and lower power mode features for battery life.

Remote Play is already available across multiple devices, such as PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Still, the idea of its hypothetical expansion to Nintendo Switch certainly seems exciting.

Though it does sound a lot like the PS Vita, the question about a “slim/portable” DualShock is intriguing, too. How might Sony reinvest in the portable space without committing to a full blown Vita follow-up? We may honestly never know. Either way, interest in all of the above will undoubtedly pique, especially with PlayStation 5 only months out from release.

[Source: Reddit]

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