Sony Sheds Light on Its Strategy for PS5 Exclusives, Says Indies Are Also an Important Part of Lineup


Sony Interactive Entertainment executives Eric Lempel and Jim Ryan have both shed some light on the company’s strategy for PlayStation 5 exclusives and third-party titles, and have said that the company aims to release a wide variety of experiences for a vast audience.

Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, Lempel said that much like the PS4, the PS5’s architecture was designed in consultation with developers who provided valuable insight into what they wanted to see in a next-gen console from a development perspective. As a result, Sony is able to offer a variety of titles that utilize the console’s features in their own unique ways.

Lempel added:

All in, we showed about 13 titles that are launching exclusively on PlayStation 5. And those exclusive arrangements range from a few months to a couple of years. You saw some great titles: Godfall from Gearbox, Deathloop from Bethesda, Project Athia from Square Enix… 

What I’m really happy about is that, this time around, there are a large number of independent developers who are also going to be with us around the launch time frame. So you saw some of those titles: The Pathless from Annapurna, Bugsnax from Young Horses. And then a franchise that goes back to the first PlayStation, with Oddworld. 

Speaking separately to the BBC, Ryan said that while Sony will release AAA games that “fully demonstrate the horsepower of the machine,” smaller indies are able to make “very cool and innovative” use of PS5’s features and are an important part of the console’s lineup because they offer players a variety of gameplay experiences.

Ryan also teased that Sony is just getting started and said that there are “so many more games” already in development.

[Source: PlayStation Blog, BBC]

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