Sony Has 10 Movies and TV Shows Based on PlayStation IPs in Production


Sony Pictures chairman and chief executive officer, Tony Vinciquerra, has revealed that the company currently has ten movies and television shows based on PlayStation IPs in production. Speaking to CNBC (via MediaPost), Vinciquerra revealed that three of the projects are movies, and the remaining seven are TV shows.

Some of the projects have already been revealed, including the Uncharted movie and The Last of Us HBO series. The rest of them are still under wraps. According to Vinciquerra, these projects are part of the ‘One Sony’ program, which aims to integrate Sony’s various divisions. He added that Sony doesn’t plan to release its productions on streaming platforms and theaters simultaneously à la Warner Bros., who announced that all 17 of its movies scheduled for 2021 will be released simultaneously in theaters and streaming platforms.

“We have no specific plan yet,” said Vinciquerra. “But we have a program within the company called One Sony… You’ll be seeing a lot more integration of Sony companies together. We are not really changing course to any degree… I don’t think we’ll be in the day and date business.”

Vinciquerra believes that a 30-day window makes sense for Sony. “It will allow us to monetize our marketing between theatrical and home entertainment,” he added.

Sony Pictures is currently in talks with filmmakers who are interested in working with the company. We’ll hear about the aforementioned PlayStation-based productions in due course. As usual, we’ll update our readers when we have more information. In the meantime, share your wish lists with us below.

[Source: MediaPost via ResetEra]

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