Sackboy: A Big Adventure Gets Online Multiplayer Update Today, PS4 and PS5 Cross-play Added Too


Our review of Sackboy: A Big Adventure noted it was a hidden gem of the PS5 launch, particularly noting it was a great couch co-op game to play with family and close friends. Sackboy: A Big Adventure was due to be released with online multiplayer too, but the feature was delayed briefly. After promising to release the functionality by update later on in the year, Sumo Digital kept their word and have added online multiplayer in today’s title update.

All of the game’s campaign levels can be played with up to three friends. There are also the ten Teamwork Levels, two in each of the game’s five worlds; these require multiplayer teamwork to be able to complete them (minimum of two players needed). To get the high scores, you’ll need to take out loads of enemies, pick up collectables, and use score multipliers at the right time. All players will get a prize regardless of whether the overall score falls into the bronze, silver, or gold category. Even if you’re playing in someone else’s game, all progress will be transferred to your main game too.

Players don’t always have to help each other, though. Players can slap and grab each other, or knock them out of the way by rolling into them. There’s also improper use of the Swingamajig. All of these can hinder progress if timed right. However, annoying players too much means they won’t want to join you when you use the co-op emotes. You definitely need a willing partner for high-fives, chest-bumps, and hugs. More emotes can be found in prize bubbles or unlocked with collectabells.

Today’s update has also added PS4 and PS5 cross-play functionality, as well as the option to transfer a PS4 save file to PS5. The latter can be done in the Extras section of the Pause menu. Of course, the game still supports local co-op as it has done since the day of release. If you haven’t got three friends with their own copy of the game, you can always invite them around for a spot of couch co-op.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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