Run into Maneater 100% Completion Issues? Update This Week Could Resolve Them


Tripwire Interactive is keenly aware of the myriad issues that have been plaguing players who just want to take on the role of a shark and messily eat a bunch of humans. A Maneater update is tentatively scheduled for sometime this week, with the main aim being to fix corrupted save files and problems players are having getting 100% completion (including keeping them from the Platinum trophy).

The running changelog on Tripwire’s forums is a list of issues they are currently working on, however they also caution that some of the fixes could slip to another patch as QA time is put into resolving them. It at least paints a picture of what the developer is aware of and trying to fix to provide the best shark RPG experience out there.

The good news is if you’ve run into issues getting 100% completion in an area, all you need to do is exit and renter the area to get it to trigger, hopefully finally getting you that Platinum trophy.

Here’s the full list of tentative fixes set for the Maneater update this week:

All Platforms

  • Added a backup save system where the game will keep two saves in a save slot in case one becomes unavailable so it can fall back to the previous
  • Added additional protection to keep save files from being overwritten
  • Added additional protection to the save system to keep saves from corrupting
  • Retroactively fix for collectible and landmark objectives that got destroyed but did not grant progress. You will need to re-enter an area to trigger this fix in each area
  • Optimization done to the map menu


  • Fixed a controller disconnection that could result in a freeze/crash and corrupt save
  • Added further Dynamic Resolution adjustments to improve framerate

Xbox One

  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting the controller or switching profile would result in the game going back to the main menu without saving
  • Fixed an issue which could cause some hardware to shutdown
  • Fixed trees popping in during the opening cinematic

We loved Maneater in our review, and while we did run into some notable performance issues and severe frame rate drops (an issue Tripwire is already working on optimizing), we were able to get 100% completion and the Platinum trophy without running into any problems.

[Source: Tripwire]

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