Rumor: Next PS5 State of Play Event is Set for August 6th


The broad rumors about an August State of Play are beginning to coalesce into an actual date and time for the next PS5 event. According to Roberto Serrano, an insider who corroborated the June 11th date for the PS5 reveal event, Sony is set to have its next PS5 event on August 6th. He even gives an exact time, saying the broadcast will take place at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET on that Thursday. The image above was (presumably) created by Serrano, but he seems pretty confident with his leak, saying “PS5 fans, pin this.” We’re pretty big PS5 fans at PSLS, so here we are.

The rumored date lines up with a few other rumors that have said Sony is getting ready to host a second showcase for the PS5 sometime in August. Jeff Grubb, who has reported on a number of the summer’s events prior to their official announcements, has maintained that an August State of Play is happening since at least early June. Other reports say that Sony held back some announcements from its June 11th PS5 reveal for the August showcase.

It should be noted that Serrano was also the individual who kicked off the rumor that the PS5 price would be revealed last week alongside preorders opening, which did not end up happening. Serrano’s reported date for the next PS5 State of Play event (which he doesn’t actually call a State of Play) lines up with the first PS5 reveal event timing, being on a Thursday (June 11) at the same time listed.

Microsoft is getting ready to launch the next volley in the next-gen information war with its July 23rd event, centering on Halo Infinite, but guaranteed to have a ton of exclusive surprises for Xbox fans. It’s reported to be a “night of mic drops” for Microsoft, but the company says it will only be focused on games; no hardware or services announcements, which means we may not get a price for the Xbox Series X just yet.

Sony’s August showcase would be a follow-up of sorts to Microsoft’s event this Thursday, and will also be its first major push for PS5 marketing following the release of its final PS4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima. Whether or not that means it will just be more games, or if it will have announcements and reveals regarding PS5 UI, dashboard, features, and services is yet unknown. Sony’s Mark Cerny did promise a console teardown earlier this year, which we haven’t seen yet. We’ve also only seen a tease of the startup UI, and of course everyone is waiting on that price and announcement for when PS5 preorders will open. Reportedly, retailers have already started to receive and construct PS5 kiosks and demo stations, which would signal a big marketing push for the next-gen console happening soon.

Previous events were officially revealed less than a week beforehand, so don’t expect to hear about this one from Sony until July 31st at the earliest, if the reported date is accurate anyway.

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