Rumor: MediEvil 2 Remake in Development, According to Cryptic Tweets From Composer


MediEvil is one of the beloved PlayStation classics whose life was unfortunately cut short early. Last year’s MediEvil PS4 remake resurrected the series and brought a renewed interest in Sir Daniel Fortesque’s adventures. Now some cryptic tweets from the series’ composer hint that a MediEvil 2 remake could be in development. Whether that remake is set for the PS4 sometime this year or coming to the PS5 later is anyone’s guess, but positive reception and traction to the first game seem to have ensured that the sequel is returning as well.

The SaveMediEvil Twitter account was an active proponent in bringing the first game back to life, and since its release, has shifted efforts to campaigning for the second game with the hashtag #ResurrectFortesque2. On February 2, the account simply tweeted out “2.” with no additional context. Andrew Barnabas, the MediEvil composer for the original trilogy and the 2019 remake, replied simply saying “Actually…..”

Another user replied saying that they doubt it will happen since “MediEvil Remake didn’t do very well,” but Barnabas was quick to reply and tell them that they were incorrect.

The SaveMediEvil Twitter account claims that MediEvil Remake sales have reached more than 400,000. (Note: I can’t find definitive numbers to corroborate this. The closest I can find is cumulative unique player counts, which sat at more than 395,000 in mid-January.) What’s unclear is if Barnabas’ tweet is only saying the user was incorrect about how well the game did, or if he’s also hinting that they are incorrect about doubting a MediEvil 2 Remake will happen. Couple with his original tweet, however, it starts to look a lot more likely that MediEvil 2 Remake could be in development.

With all of this being sheerly rumor at this time, it’s unknown if MediEvil PS4 Remake’s developer Other Ocean would be the same studio to take on the task of remaking the sequel. Given the fact that they know the IP, having worked with the original game, I can’t imagine that Sony would pull another studio to develop a MediEvil 2 Remake, unless Other Ocean has something else in the oven at the moment.

While you’re waiting for MediEvil 2 Remake, you can go through all of MediEvil PS4 Remake’s Lost Souls in order to unlock and play the full original game in all of its low-poly glory. You can also purchase a premium Level 52 Studios statue of Sir Dan, though it’s going to set you back a couple of bills.

You can pick up the first MediEvil PS4 Remake on Amazon right now for just $26.

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