Romero Games’ Prohibition-Era Strategy Title Empire of Sin Delayed to Fall 2020


Empire of Sin, the Prohibition-era XCOM-style game, is no longer on track for a spring 2020 release date. Following a delay, developer Romero Games now plans to launch the strategy title in the fall of this year. For now, however, a solid launch date has not been provided. Essentially, the team needs extra time to polish and fully deliver on its very ambitious project.

In announcing Empire of Sin’s delay, Lead Designer Brenda Romero explained that one key challenge is the game’s uniqueness. “It takes time to get everything right,” she said in a statement on the matter, which features below:

The challenge in making a game like no one has made before is exactly that – making a game no one has made before. It takes time to get everything right and presents us with some unique opportunities. I am grateful we are taking the additional time to polish. The support and enthusiasm our community has shown thus far for Empire of Sin is incredible. We hope that once you’re let loose in Chicago and see the world we’ve created, you’ll believe it was worth the wait!

Set in 1920s Chicago, Empire of Sin will let players build their very own criminal empire. No one said it will be easy, though. Hustling and charming your way to the top is only part of the challenge. Staying there is bound to present its own set of struggles.

Defending and expanding territory serves as one way to keep things in line. Wielding influence represents another, which will involve bribing cops, making black market deals, and the like. Empire of Sin’s XCOM-inspired turn-based strategy gameplay seems as if it may be the icing on the cake.

Whenever Empire of Sin does launch, it will come to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

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