Rocket League Blueprints and Player-To-Player Trading Detailed by Psyonix


There’s a new Blueprint system coming to Rocket League in December’s update to replace loot crates, giving players a more clear indication what they are getting with their drops. When announced, not much was known about exactly how this new system would work, but Psyonix has provided additional details. Once the update hits in December, you’ll be able to acquire Blueprints from Online matches. At this point, you’ll be able to use Credits to build items using the Blueprint, trade it with another player, or keep it. You’ll also have the chance to experiment with both revealed and unrevealed Blueprints.

Any unopened loot crates you have in your inventory will be converted to unrevealed Blueprints after the update. Revealing the Blueprint will then show you what can be built with it. In addition, you’ll have the chance to trade items with other players, such as revealed Blueprints, items built from Blueprints, and free drops. However, you won’t be able to trade unrevealed Blueprints. Below, you’ll find a list of the items that will be tradable with other players:

  • Revealed Blueprints
  • Items that have been built from Blueprints
  • Credits (As long as the other party in the trade does not include their own Credits)
  • Free Drops
  • Tradable legacy content acquired prior to the Blueprint system
  • Rocket Pass items from Pro Tiers
  • In-game event items
  • Credits when traded for Credits
  • Credits when traded for nothing
  • Unrevealed Blueprints
  • Items purchased from the Item Shop
  • Bonus Gifts and Items received from Bonus Gifts (more on that below)
  • Esports Shop Items

Finally, Decryptors will be leaving the game once the new update rolls around. Any Decryptors you still have in your inventory will be converted to Bonus Gifts. These feature items from the Vindicator Crate series and the first Blueprint series called “Revival.”

That’s all we know for now, but we’ll find out more in December as we approach Rocket League’s next massive update. Will you be checking out the new Rocket League winter update next month?

[Source: Psyonix]

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