Reports of PlayStation 5 Preorder Cancellations Are Making the Rounds


Reports are going around regarding cancelled preorders for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Apparently, several customers are receiving cancellation notices from GameStop and Target.

On Twitter, one Xbox user shared a screenshot of an email from GameSpot, wherein the retailer informs them that the inconvenience is due to a “website error with the URL with which this order was placed.” Another Twitter user who preordered a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition through Target said they received a cancellation notice on October 20th. Upon being asked if they were given a reason, the customer claimed Target told them too many preorders were taken and that “it’s happening to a lot of people.”

Yet another Twitter thread features at least three people confirming that GameStop recently cancelled their PS5 preorders. A couple even noted that the retailer sent the cancellation email a few too many times. At the time of writing, it remains unclear as to how widespread this issue is or if it may be resolved anytime soon.

With regards to GameStop at least, this does not count as the first instance of PS5 preorder troubles. As late last month, GameStop Ireland messaged some customers to inform them that their order may not be fulfilled until next year. ShopTo UK customers reportedly received similar emails around the same time.

PlayStation 5 launches in North America on November 12th. It will hit store shelves in European territories a week later on November 19th. Whether or not another wave of PS5 preorders will go live before launch remains to be seen. Western media outlets began receiving PS5 review units today.

(Editor’s Note: Of the members of the PSLS staff who were able to secure a PS5 preorder, none have had orders canceled yet from various outlets like Target, Amazon, or GameStop, but it’s at least worth double checking your own order to make sure it’s still up.)

[Source: Twitter]

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