Report: GameStop Shutting Down Operations in Scandinavian Peninsula


GameStop employees from Finland, Norway, and Sweden have reportedly been told that the company will wind up its operations in the region within the next year. The troubled U.S. retailer has already closed several international stores in recent years, and has plans to shut down hundreds of outlets worldwide.

Reddit and ResetEra users provided links to several articles published on Norwegian and Swedish websites announcing the closure, but the source of all reports is an article published by Computer Sweden. The website claims that while Swedish employees confirmed receiving an email from GameStop’s management, Norwegian employees expressed their surprise upon being contacted and refrained from commenting so there’s some confusion about this report.

Computer Sweden reached out to GameStop several days ago but didn’t receive a response. It’s unclear if Finns contributed to the report or not.

A translation of one of the Norwegian articles provided by ResetEra user Bya states:

The Swedish website Computer Sweden says that GameStop plans to close down all operations in the Nordic region. Here in Norway, this means that the 28 stores scattered across Norway will be closed down. The plan is to close the stores over the next year. All employees must have been notified that operations are being discontinued. The news comes after a very bad period for GameStop.

The article further states that local companies like Elkjøp and Power have ended up strengthening their business, suggesting that GameStop failed to keep up with the market – something it has been struggling with in the U.S. as well.

As usual, take this with a grain of salt. We’ll keep our readers posted.

[Source: ResetEra, Reddit]

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