Report: Fall Guys Reaches More Than 8 Million Players on PS4


Fall Guys has been an immensely popular game, helped along by its unique take on battle royale, its fantastic approach to community building, and the fact that it is currently free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. Mediatonic announced earlier this week that 2 million copies had been sold on Steam, but the PS4 numbers remained elusive. Thanks to Gamstat, a site that scrapes and tracks PSN API data, we can get a pretty good general idea for where Fall Guys falls on Sony’s platform. Last reported numbers put Fall Guys at more than 8 million players on PS4, though it could even by as high as 10 million. Either way that’s a pretty significant number of players who have redeemed and played the game via PlayStation Plus.

Gamstat’s stats page for Fall Guys says the game has reached 8.2 million players as of August 9 just five days after its August 4th launch, saying that 8.1 million players have earned at least one trophy in the game. The players-by-date graph seen on the page seems to have a couple extra days on it, however, tracking up to August 11th which shows nearly 11 million players. That’s a pretty stark comparison to another PS Plus success story: Rocket League. Rocket League took just over a year to reach 8-10 million players. In the comparable launch period of the first nine days from release, Rocket League hadn’t even reached 1 million players on PlayStation. Fall Guys immediately reached 1.2 million on the first day it was available.

So what’s next for Fall Guys? Well, if you’re one of the many people playing the game, you’ve noticed the “Season One” subtitle, indicating this is just the beginning. An update today already added a new minigame for players to encounter in the final round, and new cosmetics are regularly rotating through the store. Developer Mediatonic has been on a hiring spree to help them create even more new minigames, cosmetics, and evolve the game in interesting new ways to keep the enormous player base returning for more. Right now as they get a handle on the unexpected success of the game, there’s no roadmap for the future, but expect them to shake things up to keep you falling down.

Fall Guys is available now free on PlayStation Plus for the month of August.

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