Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Teaser Reveals Operation Void Edge


Ubisoft isn’t ready to fully unveil what’s to come with Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 5, but that isn’t stopping the company from teasing the upcoming batch of content. As listed on the Rainbow Six Twitter page, Year 5 will be kick off with Operation Void Edge with the tagline “Look into your darkness.” This tease comes just before the R6 Invitational begins, which will run from February 11 to February 16, 2020. This Rainbow Six Siege event will feature tournaments and content reveals for the upcoming year, including more details on Operation Void Edge and the game’s fifth year.

You can check out the tweet below:

Operation Void Edge is expected to feature new cosmetics, maps, and Operators—which have rumored codenames Oryx and Yana. It’s currently unconfirmed what each Operator will look and play like, but rumors suggest Oryx will have the ability to break through walls, while Yana is said to have some sort of hologram that can be used as a distraction.

It’s also unconfirmed when we can expect Operation Void Edge to release, but whispers put it around March 10, 2020. This is a Tuesday, which is historically when games and add-on content usually tend to release.

The game’s Community Management Lead François Roussel described Year 5’s content as having a “direction focused on features that benefit all players, not just those playing the newest Operators.” He also added that it will include “free events, extensive reworks, and other core gameplay features.”

Earlier this year, Year 5’s contents allegedly leaked, pointing to six new Operators, new cosmetics, a Renown boost, and other benefits. Ubisoft commented at the time saying to wait for the R6 Invitational for additional information.

Rainbow Six Siege continues its strong run five years since it launched, racking up over 55 million unique players worldwide since its release in 2015.

[Source: Twitter]

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