Psychonauts 2’s Tunnel of Teeth is as Horrifying as it Sounds


Double Fine may be a Microsoft first-party studio now, but they’ve still got one last hurrah on PlayStation before scuttling away the inevitable Brutal Legend 2 as an Xbox exclusive. Psychonauts 2 will launch sometime next year, and the studio has slowly been revealing new details about the upcoming mind-hopping adventure. They recently discussed what goes into making a “mental world,” or the worlds created by the minds of the various characters in Psychonauts.

The example Double Fine put forth on Twitter was the Brain in a Jar character, which was originally concepted to have a darker feel to its world. During development, that world changed to “something trippier,” which was recently showcased with the reveal of the new Jack Black song for the game. Black voices the Brain in a Jar character.

In a follow-up tweet, Double Fine said that some people had been asking about “creepy mental worlds,” and they responded with the creepiest thing they possibly could: a tunnel of teeth.

It’s just a single image, but one that should invoke a fair amount of nightmares. Alas, we detect no lies, and this is indeed a tunnel made of teeth. Series villain Dr. Loboto is an ex-dentist, so teeth have made their appearance in Psychoanuts before—including the Psychonauts 2 preview we got at E3 2019—but this is on another level. Teeth, teeth everywhere. Teeth of varying shapes and sizes. Teeth embedded in the “gums” of the world. Teeth bound together to make up a platform. Just so many teeth. And yes, off in the distance, that teeth tunnel gets even more dangerous with some dental picks, ready to scrape the plaque that is Raz off this mental world’s pearly whites.

As one reply says, “they were asking about creepy mental worlds, not creepy dental worlds,” but alas, the horrors of the Psychonauts 2 tunnel of teeth cannot be unseen.

Psychonauts 2 is headed for release sometime in 2021, a delay that’s allowed Double Fine to pack the game full of content that would have been cut had they not been purchased by Microsoft. The game will come to both PlayStation and Xbox platforms, though could very well be the last PlayStation release for a Double Fine game.

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