Psychological Horror Game The Inner Friend Comes to Consoles Soon With New Alternate Ending


Playmind’s introspective psychological horror title The Inner Friend originally launched on PC via Steam late in 2018. Finally, the experience is approaching its console launch. On April 28th, Playmind will unleash the horrors of The Inner Friend on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. The experience will include a brand-new alternate ending, which PC players will also receive in the form of a free update.

As is often the case, a release date trailer accompanied the news. Check it out in the video down below:

The Inner Friend thrusts players head first into an eerie world, replete with myriad horrors. Chief among them are the childhood memories of the Shadow, which materialize in the figure’s “subconscious universe.” In an effort to overcome the Shadow’s fears and restore order to its safe haven, players journey through this subconscious realm and uncover a rich narrative that’s haunted by terrifying beings. Evading them serves as the best course of action, but eventually these gruesome creatures will need to be faced head on.

Described as “a surrealist representation of memories and fears,” The Inner Friend takes place in visually impressive environments. With a carefully crafted soundscape and cinematic soundtrack, Playmind’s introspective venture aims to fully immerse players in its emotional twists and turns. Players’ interactions with the Shadow are formed through music, movement, and imagery. Needless to say, this trek through such a descent may prove quite affecting.

Playmind’s The Inner Friend hit Steam in September 2018, launching to generally favorable reviews. It should be interesting to see how new audiences take to this haunting tale about childhood fears.

PS4 players on the hunt for even more psychological horror experiences will find themselves in luck this summer. Camel 101’s Those Who Remain launches in late June, for instance, following a recent delay. This particular horror game will task players with juggling the darkness embedded deep within the twisted reality of a typically sleepy town.

[Source: Playmind]

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