PSA: Capcom Unity Is Retiring Community Forums and User Account System by May 6th


Capcom has announced that it’ll be making major changes to Capcom Unity, its 14-year old blog that hosts official news and community discussions, by May 6th.

In a post announcing the change (thanks, Siliconera), Capcom said that with the rising popularity of social media and platforms like Discord over the years, the developer wants to explore new ways to connect with fans. As a result, forums and user account system will cease to exist, which means that all user-created content will be wiped out. However, if you want to save your content, Capcom is offering a way to do just that by generating and downloading an XML file.

Community Manager Yuri Araujo wrote:

Capcom-Unity started as just a message board back in 2006, and in 2008 quickly grew into something more akin to what we have today: a blog for news and updates, forums for discussions, and various other ways for fans to connect with us at Capcom and with each other. That was, and still is, the primary goal of this whole endeavor: to connect the Capcom community with all things Capcom.

Over the past few years, as time has gone by and Internet-based communication systems have evolved, new communication tools have been created and more options are available now than ever before. People’s habits and preferences have started to change, too. We’ve kept a close eye on social media channels and saw our news spread far and wide, reaching more Capcom fans than ever, as they connect with each other in Twitter replies, Facebook and Instagram comments sections, and Discord servers. Discussions are carried out and friendships are formed, just as they have been here on Capcom-Unity. The key difference is folks are not required to sign up for another account. That makes these platforms a lot more accessible and more inclusive, and allows the conversations to carry on more smoothly on each given platform, which we believe are huge benefits for the entire community.

To learn more about exporting your content, head over to Capcom Unity.

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