PS5 Reveal: Horizon Forbidden West Announced, Now Robotic Creatures and a New Threat in the West


After rumors abounded regarding Guerrilla Games returning to the world of Horizon, the PS5 reveal event broadcast finally made it real. Aloy’s journey continues in Horizon Forbidden West, the upcoming PS5 exclusive from Guerrilla Games and sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Take a look at the announcement trailer below:

Taking place after the events of the first game, Aloy moves west across a far-future post-post-apocalypse America to face a new threat. The trailer shows life beginning to re-emerge on the planet, outside of the iconic robo-wildlife. Mysterious storms ravage the land and new robotic creatures make their appearance. It’s not clear exactly what the story is beyond those vague details of a growing threat, but the trailer gives us a fantastic look at what first-party studios are able to do with the PS5 hardware.

Guerrilla also shared a number of hi-resolution screenshots on their Twitter, each showing big moments and environments from the trailer.

The lack of a 2 in the title may be so that the game doesn’t dissuade new players who may have missed the first game, though with the original headed to PC, a lot more people are going to have the opportunity to play it before Forbidden West releases. There is no release date specified for Horizon Forbidden West at this time, not even a vague 2021 date given, so expect it to be a couple years before we can get our hands on this one ourselves. Expect this to be a big one that Sony comes back to regularly at various conferences and events leading up to its launch.

Today’s PS5 reveal showcased a ton of games coming to the next-gen platform, as well as finally showing off the PS5 console design itself. Horizon Forbidden West was just one of nine PS5 exclusives coming from PlayStation Studios that were shown, with the other’s including Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales,

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