PS5 Rear View Gives Us a Look at the Next-Gen Console’s Ports


The recent Japanese media event, in which Japanese media and influencers got hands-on time with the PS5, has given us a few tidbits of new information about the next-gen console, and Sony also released an official image of the back of the console. The PS5 rear view gives us our best look at the next-gen console’s ports, though there’s nothing too surprising here. Click the image below to zoom and see it for yourself.

PS5 rear view ports

The two rear USB ports are Type-A Super-Speed USB 10Gbps connections. These supplement the High-Speed Type-A USB and Super-Speed USB 10Gbps Type-C ports on the front. Below the USB port is an ethernet port for those who prefer a hardlined internet connection, but the console will support WiFi as well. There’s also the HDMI port—with the latest HDMI 2.1 protocol supporting up to 8K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rates, as well as VRR (variable refresh rate)—and power connector.

This look at the back of the console confirms that the optical audio port isn’t returning for the next PlayStation console, meaning those using an optical port for their audio solution will need to upgrade or change their setup. This was all but confirmed when Astro announced the need for an adapter to get existing headsets to work on the PS5.

Notably the rear of the PS5 does not have a memory expansion port, leading to further questions about how users will be able to expand the storage options on the console. We know that it will only have 825 GB on its custom architectured internal SSD, and reports indicate that the usable space might be as low as 664 GB after the PS5 OS partition and formatting are done with it. Given the insane speeds required for the SSD, it’s unlikely Sony will rely on the USB ports for expanded storage, leaving many to believe the outer shell can be easily removed to access options internally. However, Sony has yet to show a console teardown and reveal the PS5’s internal hardware components, so there’s no confirmation on this front.

There’s still a big list of things we don’t know about the PS5, and the confirmation of the console’s relatively simple rear port configuration only demands more answers.

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