PS5 Preorders Could be Limited to One Per Person, At Least Through Sony


Everyone is eagerly awaiting the moment that PS5 preorders go live, both in excitement at reserving the next-gen console and fear that they’ll miss out on the launch batch. To help minimize the amount of scalpers who only purchase the console with the intent to resell at a marked up price, it looks like Sony may limit PS5 preorders to one per household, at least if you order directly through the manufacturer itself.

This evidence comes from datamining of the source code on, PlayStation’s direct store selling hardware, accessories, games, and subscriptions. Via ResetEra user Expy, the new information comes in the form of an error code that can be returned upon trying to add a second PS5 console to your cart.

The error reads “You can only purchase one version of the PS5™ Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5™ console to your cart.”

Judging by this error code, it looks like each user will only be able to preorder one PS5 console, no matter which version they get. It’s unknown how third-party online retailers like Amazon or big box stores like Best Buy will handle preorders, but it’s expected that Sony will issue the same directive all around to ensure that stock isn’t depleted by people simply looking to make a quick buck on the new console.

Reports recently indicated that Sony is ramping up production of the PS5 to a staggering 10 million by the end of 2020 (for shipping through Q1 2021), which is an increase from the PS4’s 7.5 million manufactured during the same timeframe at its launch. This increase is to meet an expected surge in demand, which has many analysts expecting the price to be lower than previously anticipated.

The datamine of PlayStation Direct also uncovered a new “PS5 Compatible” badge, which is currently present on every product and can be toggled on our off to display which products work with the next-gen console.

Sony is doing everything it can to make sure every interested player can get a PS5 at launch. The company recently confirmed that it wouldn’t open up preorders for the console without advance warning, so eager fans can stop hitting the refresh button on Amazon for now. Sony will most likely offer further clarification around console preorder limitations when it eventually announces the price and preorders.

[Via: VG247]

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