PS5 Beat Toilet Paper in One of Google’s List of Top Searches in the United States This Year


The PlayStation 5 and toilet paper have a few things in common: they both experienced severe shortages this year, were picked up by scalpers and hoarders, and were nowhere to be found. However, when the Covid-19 lockdowns eased, people were able to purchase toilet paper. The same can’t be said for the PS5, which released last month and is expected to remain in short supply until mid 2021.

That’s probably why folks in the United States spent a lot of time Googling where to buy a PS5 because “Where to buy PS5” beat “Where to buy toilet paper” in the search engine’s “Where to buy” list of 2020. Xbox Series X appeared in the fourth spot, and Nintendo Switch sits in the seventh position. Overall, it’s a tie between gaming products and sanitary products.

Where to buy…
1) Where to buy PS5
2) Where to buy toilet paper
3) Where to buy face masks
4) Where to buy Xbox Series X
5) Where to buy hand sanitizer
6) Where to buy Ju-C Jelly candy
7) Where to buy Nintendo Switch
8) Where to buy Lysol spray
9) Where to buy Clorox wipes
10) Where to buy N95 mask

As far as video games are concerned, here are the most searched games in the United States this year:

1) Among Us
2) Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
3) Valorant
4) Genshin Impact
5) Ghost of Tsushima
6) Animal Crossing
7) Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
8) The Last of Us 2
9) Madden NFL 21
10) Jackbox

Out of curiosity, I flipped through the lists for multiple countries including Australia and the United Kingdom, and it seems that a lot of folks were busy looking up Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and the lyrics to WAP this year. Link available below, in case you’re bored.

[Source: Google Trends via Polygon]

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