Prepare for the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Raid Before It Arrives Next Week


Players who’ve been enjoying the free Legends update for Ghost of Tsushima should probably start preparing themselves for the Raid, which Sucker Punch plans to launch on October 30th. In sharing release plans, the studio also unveiled recommendations for how players can prepare. Additionally, details about Weekly Challenges and patch notes for the next update are now live.

The Raid, known as “The Tale of Iyo,” serves as the climax for the narrative in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. In it, players will take the fight to Iyo’s realm across three chapters. Doing so will require a team of four Ghosts, all of whom will need to be on their A-game.

According to Sucker Punch’s recommendations, players will want to ensure their gear sits at a KI level of at least 100. To obtain higher level gear, fans should complete every Story mission, then try replaying the Story and Survival modes on higher difficulties. Since the Raid won’t support matchmaking, assembling a crew before starting the challenge will be a must.

There’s even more to look forward to ahead of next week’s Raid, though. Starting every Friday at 8:00am PST, Weekly Challenges are slated to arrive in the form of a 2-player Story mission and 4-player Survival mission, each boasting “specific weekly modifiers.”

Teams who lead with the highest scores will feature on weekly leaderboards–one dedicated to the Story mission, the other to Survival. With each mission tuned to Nightmare Difficulty, all team members should be at their best. Completing the missions and their corresponding bonus objectives will net players access to max-level gear.

Last but not least, Sucker Punch intends to roll out a patch today that addresses a few common issues. The patch notes are as follows:

  • Resolved a bug causing frequent Network Error pop-ups
  • Resolved a bug preventing the Platinum Trophy armor dye from appearing in New Game+
  • Resolved a bug that caused some users to become stuck in the Legends tutorial
  • Added support for PlayStation Network “Players Met” functionality to Legends
  • Various bug and crash fixes

Ghost of Tsushima is available now digitally and at retail for the PlayStation 4. The title comes to PS5 at launch, courtesy of backward compatibility, with a few Game Boost enhancements to boot.

[Source: Sucker Punch Productions]

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