PlayStation Store Temporarily Suspended in Mainland China for ‘Security Upgrades’


Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmed has shared an official notice from PlayStation in China, informing users that the PlayStation Store has been temporarily suspended for “security upgrades.” At the time of this writing, there was no ETA for when the services will resume and what “security upgrades” means is unclear.

What’s peculiar here is that Ahmed claims that an “Xbox fanboy” revealed on Weibo – China’s biggest social media platform – that he reported PSN to authorities for having “backdoor elements” that allow users to access PSN services overseas. The service was apparently taken down shortly after the Weibo user’s confession.

A number of Chinese users have since investigated the “fanboy” in question and have found that he has several Weibo accounts that he uses to troll and boast about his actions. However, it remains unclear if his false reports are the reason PSN was taken offline.

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