PlayStation 5 Controller Patent Hints at Use of Biofeedback to Monitor Heart Rate and Sweat


Details concerning the PlayStation 5 controller remain scant. Interestingly, a recently filed patent offers details about peripherals that Sony may have planned for the device. These peripherals feature biofeedback technology that monitors a player’s heart rate and sweat secretion. With this tech, gameplay should receive adjustments according to information fed to the controller’s sensing apparatus.

According to the patent, initially spotted by Respawn First, the biofeedback technology will come in the form of a “sensor attachment” for the controller. The patent’s abstract outlines the attachment’s functionality as follows,

…the biofeedback sensor attachment comprising one or more sensors for obtaining biofeedback information arranges such that at least one sensor is in contact with a user’s hand during normal use of the controller, and an output unit operable to output the biofeedback information about measurements made by the one or more sensors.

The patent explains that developers aim to better immerse players in gaming experiences. This attachment could aid in such an endeavor, measuring emotional responses and offering feedback accordingly. Additionally, technological advancements of this nature are becoming increasingly more desirable given the “increasing availability of head-mountable displays,” such as Sony’s very own PlayStation VR.

Some schematic representations of how the biofeedback attachment may look feature in the patent, as well. The images pictured below show the attachment represented as different types of sleeves that slide over the controller’s arms.

PlayStation 5 Controller Patent

Moreover, the patent makes mention of pricing concerns, briefly noting “a need to provide a low-cost peripheral.” After all, if consumers don’t buy the peripheral, developers are unlikely to see a reason to take advantage of the technology.

As with all patents, the existence of these plans do not mean Sony will act upon that which is outlined above. Still, it seems an interesting possibility, particularly given the haptic feedback that’s already baked into the PS5 controller.

[Source: Respawn First, GamesRadar]

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