PlatinumGames Has Expanded in Order to Work on ‘More Fun Projects,’ Says COO Atsushi Inaba


PlatinumGames recently unveiled its brand new Tokyo studio, where the developer said that it plans to focus on live service games. However, Chief Operating Officer Atsushi Inaba has said that another reason for the expansion is to allow the developer to work on “more fun projects” in general.

Speaking to IGN, director Hideki Kamiya said that the Tokyo studio will be run by “crazy people who want to make games.” Inaba added that PlatinumGames plans to add about 100 employees to its existing workforce of approximately 240, so that the developer doesn’t have to turn down projects due to a small team. He said:

First of all, we do not have enough staff at the moment. It’s a nice problem to have, but we get a lot of work offers from other publishers, for example something like NieR Automata where we can collaborate on the publisher’s IP, or to make original titles for a publisher, and we are limited to how many projects we can take on. So there are a lot of projects that we have to turn down, and I think it would be better to increase our capacity so we can work on more fun projects.

In other words, live services games aren’t the only thing PlatinumGames Tokyo is planning to focus on, much to the delight of some fans.

“PlatinumGames aims to create an environment where anyone, regardless of seniority, can stand proud as a creator and make a contribution,” President and CEO Kenichi Sato said of the expansion.

[Source: IGN]

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